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Project Magic in Belgium.
5K12D (former 3K6) is the children department for the cancer patients at the Universitary Hospital Ghent. Once a month we, Ivo and Lieve, visit the children at the ward.

Before we go to the rooms, we have a short briefing with the pedagogic co-workers Sabine and Charlot. Some children aren’t allowed to sit up, others can’t move their arm well or have had medication. It is useful to know this information beforehand.

We visit all the children. The smallest get a balloon figure. From the age of 5 they’re old anough to learn some simple magic tricks: float a magic wand or colour a drawing magically. The somewhat older children learn tricks with ropes and cloths. The oldest learn card tricks or how to make a prediction.

After every visit, we write down which trick they were taught so we know for next time what they know and what’s new.
Photo Lieve and Maxim

After a few visits the children get their own magic box. This way they can learn a few tricks on their own.

A testimony from 5K12D.

Anoek Geens did her dissertation on 5K12D.

At the site of the cancer fund for children, you can find more information.

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