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Anoek Geens, an intern at the ward 5K12D (former 3K6), chose Project Magic for her dissertation. She followed Ivo for a whole year and worked with him on Project Magic.

Here is a testimony from her dissertation:

Gerd is a 14 year old boy who is already in after treatment, so he doesn’t have to come to the hospital that often anymore. On Thursday the magician (Ivo) had visited him and taught him the trick with the three ropes.
On Friday I (Anoek) went to visit Gerd and he had forgotten it. Fortunately I (Anoek) knew the trick and gave him a few tips to help him remember it. After trying for about half an hour, he rememberd it and Gerd was really happy that he knew how to do it again.
Photo Ivo

Normally Gerd would be able to go home that evening, but because he hadn’t been feeling well since the day before, the doctor had said that he would have to stay in the hospital for another night.
After the moment of pratising his magic, the doctor entered and asked Gerd is he was feeling better. Gerd answered that he felt a lot better and even wanted to show the trick to the doctor. He was impressed and noticed that the nausea had indeed passed.

He gave Gerd permission to go home.

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